How would you define yourself? Do you see yourself as valuable? Are you free to be yourself?

We live in a world that is constantly trying to tell us who to be. With so many voices trying to get our attention, it can be hard to uncover the truth. In the midst of so many blurred lines and false identities, it becomes exhausting to try to keep up the image of how we want others to view us. Instead of working to mold yourself into a specific image, may you be reminded of the identity that you can take hold of. Once you have rooted yourself in this identity, you can live in the true freedom that comes from knowing who you are.

Just as an artist spends time carefully placing each brush stroke on a canvas, so God created you with that same intention and purpose. The painting doesn’t have the power to declare its own value, only the artist can do that. No one would downgrade a piece of art in front of the artist,. And yet, so often we do this with our own value. The worth of the painting isn’t based on feelings, circumstances, what others think, but rather the artist’s intention. It is even more true of us.

You are God’s masterpiece; one of His most brilliant works of art. He has created you with purpose for a purpose. The same God that breathed the stars into existence and dressed the flowers of the field, has placed you here for a reason. The best way to discover this and to truly believe, is to go and seek the One who set it in place.

You are intentionally crafted and wonderfully made.


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