Who are you?

Not what you do, what you have or what others say about you. But, who are you, really?

Everyone is searching for their identity. We are constantly searching to be satisfied, but we’re left feeling empty. We desire to feel worthy and enough. What would happen if we looked to truth to define these things instead of to a world that is constantly telling us that we need to look and act a certain way?

Identity affects us psychologically and plays into the choices we make. Many unhealthy lifestyles are a result from not having a firm identity and being consumed by others’ opinions and desiring acceptance. Identity is the foundation we build our lives on.

You are: a Masterpiece. Loved. Unique. Worth it. Valuable. Wanted. Treasured. Enough.

By who?

Your Creator.

Come explore the truth about who you were created to be.




WAY was started by myself, Grace Anaple, a graphic designer and photographer based in Cincinnati, OH. While planning for my 2021 senior capstone project in DAAP at the University of Cincinnati, I realized the passion I had for this brand and didn’t want to leave it as a school project. I spent three semesters planning not only a school project, but preparing to launch a business as well. My hope is that this brand is an encouragement and conversation starter for all who come across it.