What does real love look like?

Agapé love is authentic, seeking the well-being of others, not looking for anything in return. What if someone knew everything about you, all of your past, your thoughts, your desires. Do you think they would love you fully?

Believe it or not, there is someone who does.

God knows everything about you, He knew you before you existed. Even so, He is offering His love to you. This love isn’t something that could be earned, none of us would be able to reach that. His love is a free gift to anyone who will accept it. God’s love conquers all. It is unconditional.

We are drawn to love because we were created from and for love. God loves us not for our looks, what we have, or our status, but because He created us. This love isn’t an emotion but an action. You are never too far to be loved by God.

You are loved. 


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